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Wilsons Creek was purchased by William (Bill) Gall in 1949. Initially he stocked the country with western wethers and Hereford cattle. Initially there was only a basic crutching shed on Wilson's Creek, so the sheep were walked approximately 40 kilometres to Kingstown Station which the Gall Family owned where Bill had grown up. In the early 1950's the original crutching shed was extended into a full woolshed allowing for shearing to be completed at Wilson's Creek.

In 1954 1080 merino ewes were purchased from "Tycannah" Station at Moree forming the basis of the Wilson's Creek flock. Bill registered the Wilson's Creek Merino stud in 1963 with the purchase of 1 ram and 70 ewes purchased from "Mirani" plus the addition of 82 ewes selected from the Wilson's Creek flock. Over successive decades Wilson's Creek have introduced a number of rams to the stud using a range of local superfine studs based on Merryville based bloodlines.

Since the 1950's the pasture composition and fertility of the country has been improved with regular aerial topdressing introducing a range of native and introduced grasses and clovers to compliment native Grasses. Since the 1980's Wilson's Creek has also been involved in the Landcare movement with in excess of 40,000 trees planted transforming Wilson's Creek from what was over cleared landscape to a diverse ecosystem with a large range of birds, marsupials and reptiles present. 

Following the passing of his father Bill in 1981, Tony Gall and his wife Janet took over the management of the property continually improving the wool clip to produce high quality Superfine wool. Wilson's Creek has placed highly in the prestigious Ermenigildo Zegna competition many times over many decades, this culminated in winning the protected class in 2001. Wilson's Creek has also been a finalist in the New England Wool Ultimate Clip Award, Winning the award in 2012. In Recent Years Wilson's Creek has been a member of the Vitale Barberis Canonico Wool Excellence club. Wilson's Creek wools continue to exhibit heavy cutting ability, style and soft handle that have been sought after by the worlds’ fastidious processors and consumers over many years.

In 2009 Tony took the opportunity to purchase 100 White Suffolk stud ewes from "Tandara" Breeza to form the "Wilson's Creek" White Suffolk stud. Since that time Tony with his son Cameron furthered the stud using Farrer sires as a base and introducing a number if industry leading sires by use of artificial insemination.

Today Wilson's Creek continues to be run by Tony Gall and his son Cameron. Currently There are between 8,000-10,000 sheep run annually on Wilson's Creek in a mixed wool and crossbred operation. Also, a predominately Angus commercial cattle herd is run to compliment the sheep operation.

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